We Are Osaka



We offer best prices on our all products. We want our our customers to get most out of each penny they pay.


From Mangers to Technicians our staff is well-trained and posses professional education to provide highest level of quality services to our customers.


We are well-known for our couteous and timely after sales service. We always keep quick customer's complaint resolution in our top priorities.


Our large variety of products and services can fulfil requirements of our customers. Our skilled team remains ready to suit our customer's unconvention needs throught customization in products and services.


All About Osaka


OSAKA started its venture with the introduction of PVC tapes in the year 1984. We gained recognition and acceptance from our Customers primarily due to our obsession with quality and providing value for money.

OSAKA Energy Saving bulbs were introduced in 2001– these quickly became popular and gained a considerable market share. These bulbs are currently the only ones in the market based on the latest Surface Mounting Technology (SMT) used in the manufacture of computers which ensures perfect lumen output and maximum energy saving.

Based on our confidence on our products we were the first to offer free replacement warranty for 12 months. Subsequently we introduced flood lights and street lights in 2007 which also gained wide acceptance in the market.

OSAKA is recognized for its uncompromising quality and value for money by most Customers. Our products are produced using the latest Japanese technology and we aspire to continuously improve our products for the benefit of our Customers.

Osaka was awarded "Emerging Brands of the Year 2009" in Lighting category and "Brands of the Year 2009" in PVC tapes category. In 2010 Osaka succeeded to maintain its victory and has been awarded "Brands of the Year 2010" in Lighting and PVC Tapes categories by the Government of Pakistan.

Our product range includes Energy Saving Bulbs, Grill fixture, Street Lights, Flood Lights, Down Lights, Incandescent Bulbs, PVC tape. We aspire to become a leading brand in the lighting sector through innovation, exceptional products, quality assurance and providing satisfaction to our Customers.